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inthesk is not in range

It does not happen often, but if: you are next to your I inthesk I with the application open and it simply does not connect (go to the function ” Search ”). Fortunately, it’s quite easy to get your Inthesk I online again.

Make sure your phone and app are updated to the latest version. These updates often resolve technical issues by improving overall performance and reliability.

If the update did not resolve the issue, you can follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

Bluetooth update

  1. Turn off Bluetooth on your phone or tablet.
  2. Turn Bluetooth back on and open the app again | inthesk |.
  3. Be patient: it may take a while to reconnect.

If this doesn’t work:

On PRO Models: Reboot your inthesk by holding down the button for 5 seconds.

In People Models: You can turn the device on and off from the same APP.

Note: If none of this works, remove and replace the stack as a last resort in your corresponding People model, except for Insignia and Card which are not replaceable.


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