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Allowing inthesk to access your location

With Android 13 and iOS 14, was implemented new notifications that alert the phone owner about the permissions an app is using on their phone.

Apps no longer have constant access to your location the first time you open them, instead, you can choose from three different options:

-Allow access to location while you use the app
-Allow once
-Do not allow
In the case of inthesk, these notifications will appear asking you to allow | inthesk | access to your location.

If you do not allow | inthesk | access to your location, | inthesk | will be forced to stop tracking the location of your phone and, consequently, the location of things to which you attach your inthesk.

If you choose Allow once, the | inthesk | app will have access to your location data, but the next time the app wants to update the location of your stuff on the | inthesk | app map, you will get the notification on your phone screen again.


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