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General Questions

How can inthesk be used for pets?

inthesk is a Bluetooth tracker and as such has a maximum range of 90 meters (295 feet) where it will get enough signal to be connected.

We recommend its use for finding and tracking pets in the home, such as cats and dogs.

For tracking outdoor pets that spend a lot of time outside, we suggest using an inthesk Pro due to the IP68 waterproof rating and certification it has obtained.

The inthesk collar tracker on your pet’s collar will allow you to:

-Check if your pet is nearby by opening the | inthesk | app on your phone and checking if the tracker is connected (this means your pet is close enough for the tracker to connect to your phone).
-Check the last known location where your pet’s tracker was connected to your phone (so you can check that location and see if your pet is nearby).
-Bring the Tracker connected to your pet’s collar to check your pet’s location

Warning: Some animals may be sensitive to sudden ringing or ringtone volume, so be careful when using the ringing function with your pet.


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