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inthesk battery types

Below you will find basic information about the type of battery in your inthesk and what to do when it runs out.

inthesk Bluetooth trackers use different battery types to help ensure the best performance of each tracker:

inthesk PRO – 2-year replaceable battery.

The battery in an inthesk PRO will last up to 2 years (depending on how you use your inthesk).

The battery inside is a normal coin shaped battery type CR2032 for Pro one models and a CR2477 for Pro models which you can find in most shops that sell AA batteries and online (e.g. Amazon).

The cost depends on your location and the brand of battery you choose, but in general, the cost of a replacement battery should be around 1 – 5 euros.

inthesk PEOPLE – 1 year replaceable battery.

The battery in an inthesk PEOPLE should last about 1 year (depending on how you use your inthesk).

The battery is a widely used coin cell type CR2032 with the exception of the People Mini which uses a CR 2016 type and are available from most shops that also sell AA batteries or from any online shop.

The replacement battery for the inthesk PEOPLE usually costs between 1 and 5 euros.

inthesk CARD – non-replaceable battery

inthesk CARD wallet finders do not have a replaceable battery.

The inthesk CARD battery should last about 2 years (depending on how you use your inthesk CARD).

inthesk CARD is a wallet tracker and has been designed to fit in your wallet like a credit card would. To keep the tracker as slim as possible, it is powered by a custom lithium-ion battery that cannot be purchased.

IK MySpot – 2 year replaceable battery.

The battery used in this product is also the same as inthesk People, the CR2032 type battery.

Associated products:
Battery options depend on the inthesk model and its integration with the partner product.

For more information on your specific inthesk tracker or additional information on the batteries they use, please contact us at support@inthesk.net.


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