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Last viewed location (map)

When you notice that your I inthesk I is lost and not nearby, we can help you retrace your steps using the map.

When your I inthesk I is within Bluetooth range of your phone, and the | inthesk | application is open (with the APP in the background) they both communicate with each other to know exactly where your object is.

When that communication is lost (either by closing the app or travelling beyond Bluetooth range), your app will immediately record the last time and place your I inthesk I and your mobile device were connected to each other – That’s the last place your I inthesk I was seen by the app.

To check your map:

  1. Open the | inthesk | app and click on “Maps”, located in the lower menu, which will display all the devices that you have linked to your account.
  2. By clicking on the icon of it’s corresponding object, you will be able to obtain information about the “Last location” recorded by the APP.

If you want to see an even more precise location, click on the bubble representing your I inthesk I to get walking or driving directions to it.

Once you get there, check if your lost I inthesk I is within range so you can call it.


Leaving the app open, or “running in the background”, is essential for your I inthesk I to be able to communicate its location to your app.

Also make sure you have the right device settings enabled by checking out our article on permission settings.


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