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Slide How does it work? Your MySpot sends a secure Bluetooth signal that
is detected by nearby devices in the
network Find My. These devices send the
location of your MySport to iCloud, then you can go
to the Find My app to locate it on a map.
The entire process is anonymous and encrypted to
protect your privacy. It is extremely efficient
so there is no need to worry about
battery life or data usage.
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Slide PLAY SOUND To locate Be notified Sometimes things hide
near. With a very loud sound
you can find them in a blink
close eyes
Your objects on a map, using the
power of the wide Find My network
from Apple.
Receive a notification when you
accidentally drop an item or
when the Find My network locates your missing item.
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Slide Long battery life WaterProof Emote it MySpot is built to last
up to two years on one battery
standard you can replace
easily. Your iPhone will alert you
when it's time to replace it.
Suppose you have hooked your
MySpot to your keys and, whoops, you drop them
in a puddle No problem!. You
MySpot is waterproof.
When you add your MySpot to Find My,
use the emoji that you like the most
from your own iPhone keyboard.
Tag your ik with some fun.