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People Mate

Unbeatable power

Place your People Mate on whatever you can imagine and find it from your mobile.

The IK alarm will sound.

Forget about everything

You'll be alerted if you leave without your keys, wallet, or other items that have a People Mate.
Also, if your child walks away
from you in the park.

Find it all,
but for real

Locate your objects on the map of the application. Know your last location. Easy, right?

If it's your mobile you're looking
for, press and hold your People
Mate device and it will ring,
even if it's on silent, airplane
mode, or do not disturb.


You only have to say what you are looking for and iK will find it for you.
Use Siri or Google Assistant to ring your belongings.


In case of loss, iK alerts the community withouth having to touch their mobile devices.

Wich People suits you best?

Union makes force

Comunidad INTHESK

More than a locator
a network of locators

Find it all wherever you are.

If your | inthesk | is not where the app last saw it, mark it as lost from the app. So, all other | inthesk | applications will search for your device securely and anonymously.

You will receive a notification and an email when a member of the community is near your object.