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People Glasses


Unsurpassed power

Attach your People Glasses on your glasses and find it from your mobile.

If you move away form your mobile, it will ring

Slide Forget about everything You will be alerted if you leave without your glasses, or other objects that have a People Glasses.
Small but off-road.

Find it all,
but for real

Locate your objects on the application map.
Know your last location. Easy, right?

The network iK Community offers an
easy and safe way to locate your
personal items on a map through the
community of ik users.


You only have to say what you are looking for and iK will find it for you.
Use Siri or Google Assistant to ring your belongings.


In case of loss,
ik alerts the community without touching the mobile

Wich People suits you best?

Union makes force

INTHESK Community

More than a locator
a network of locator

Find it wherever it is.

If your | inthesk | is not where the app last saw it, mark it as lost from the app. Thus, all other | inthesk | applications will search your device safely and anonymously.

You will receive a notification and email when a community member is near of your item.