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iK Pro + Salud

Unsurpassed power

Place your iK Pro + Salud at your fingertips and find it from your mobile phone.

If you move away from your mobile phone, your Pro + Salud will ring.

Forget everything

You will be alerted if you leave without your keys, wallet or other items with an iK Pro + Salud.
In case of panic, call whoever you want.

Find it all,
but for real

Locate your objects on the application map. Know your last location - easy, isn't it?

The iK Community network offers an
easy secure way to locate your personal
belongings on a map through
the iK user community


With this unique mode, you can detect any movement of the device and alert the user with the Protected Tools application.

Doble Push

Double-tap your iK device and it will ring even if it is in silent, aeroplane or "do not disturb" mode.

Which Pro suits you best?

Union makes force

INTHESK Community

More than a search engine
a network of search engines

Find it all wherever you are.

If your | inthesk | is not where the app last saw it, mark it as lost from within the app. This way, all other | inthesk | apps will search for your device securely and anonymously.

You will receive a notification and an email when a community member is near your object.