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inthesk/Account settings (app)

Inthesk App language options

Supported languagues

The inthesk app is available in multiple languages:

English, French, Spanish,  Deustch, Portuguese.

If your Android or iOS device is set to one of the languages ​​supported by the inthesk app, the inthesk app will also display in that language.

Unsupported languages

On Android devices

If your phone is set to one of the languages ​​that the inthesk app does not support, the inthesk app will display in Spanish.

On iOS devices

If you want to keep your phone’s default language in one of the unsupported languages, but want the inthesk app to display in one of the other supported languages ​​(change the default Spanish), set one of the other supported languages ​​as the language preferred (default second language) in your phone settings, and the inthesk app will then display in that language.

This can be done in Phone settings > General > Language and region. There, tap Edit in the top right corner and on the next screen change the list of preferred languages ​​by moving the languages ​​up or down in the list.


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