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So far we did not find out about any non-standard battery optimizations on HTC. It seems the standard AOSP doze mode restrictions apply if you are on Android 6+ as described below.

Below are direct copypastes from their website. When you have connections such as Wi‍-Fi on while the phone is in sleep mode, some apps may still continue to use the battery. Starting from Android 6.0, battery optimization is enabled for all apps by default which helps prolong battery standby time when you’re not using the phone. The phone needs to be sitting idle for an extended period of time before battery optimization takes effect.


Solution for users

If there are apps that you don’t want battery optimization enabled, you can turn the feature off in those apps.

  • Open up Phone Settings.
  • Tap Power.
  • Tap Battery optimization.
  • Tap Not optimized > All apps to see the complete list of apps.
  • To turn off battery optimization in an app, tap the app name, and then tap Don’t optimize > Done.

Repeat this process to turn off optimization in other apps.

To filter the list and see which apps have battery optimization disabled, tap All apps > Not optimized.


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