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inthesk and third-party applications

It doesn’t matter if you’re on Android or iOS; the choice of apps is huge! This also means that sometimes apps can work against each other. This means that if you use a battery saver, for example, it will kill the background process of your inthesk, resulting in a less functional device.

Luckily, many of these applications can be customised so that you can add an exception for certain applications. Please allow iK Health as an exception for your inthesk to work properly, thanks in advance!

Some examples of applications are
Android (there are many more apps to manage, but these are the most common):

Doze: Restrict background data;
Greenify: Restrict background application usage;
Advanced task killer/manager: Kills the app.
iOS (there are many more app management apps, but these are the most common):

Battery Doctor: regulates background processes;
Battery life pro: regulates background processes.

Not only these battery optimisation apps could interfere, but also antivirus. Why? Because the firewall could block the data that your iK Health application needs to determine the location and to update it. Examples of programs are (again, more apps are available)


You can contact inthesk support at support@inthesk.net. We will be happy to help you.


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