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My out of range alerts are not working

If your inthesk out-of-range alerts are not working as they should, there are a few possible reasons.

Out of Range Alerts are triggered with a delay.

When enabled, Out of Range Alerts are triggered with a delay of a few minutes or when you are a few hundred metres away from your inthesk.

For example, if you leave your inthesk when you leave home, you will most likely receive the alert when you reach your car.

The exact distance cannot be established, as the iK Health or | inthesk | app uses some features (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, the distance you just moved, etc.) to determine if you have left your inthesk behind or if the loss of connection is just a small interruption of the Bluetooth connection. This helps prevent unnecessary false alerts from being triggered when your inthesk and phone lose connection for a few seconds (this can happen indoors with obstacles such as walls, etc.).

Out-of-range alerts are not triggered at all

On Android phones
For the inthesk to connect to your phone, the iK Health or | inthesk | application must remain active and running in the background of the phone. In some cases, the phone’s internal battery saving settings may send the iK Health or | inthesk | app to sleep when the phone is idle or when the app has not been opened for a while. Check your phone’s internal settings and make the iK Health or | inthesk | application an exception to the battery saving rules, allowing it to remain active at all times. These settings are usually in the battery or power saving settings, and in the application settings.

How to check and adjust application-related battery saving settings on Android devices here.

On iOS phones
When you are not actively using the iK Health or | inthesk | app, it should remain active in the background on your phone. When you exit the ProtectedTools or | inthesk | app, do not slide it out of the list of recent apps, as this will close it completely, preventing alerts from being triggered.

Apple has also recently implemented an “intelligent battery management system” to help users save battery life and protect their privacy.

This system learns based on your own actions, so if you swipe the ProtectedTools or | inthesk | app to close it when you stop using it, the system will remember your action and start doing it regularly on its own as well. This will completely kill any application-related processes (such as out-of-range alerts), even if you wanted to keep the application active in the background.

To check that the iK Health or | inthesk | app can remain active in the background, open the Settings app and scroll down to iK Health or | inthesk |. On the next screen, check that background app refresh is enabled and that the location permission is set to always.

Out-of-range alerts are activated when I’m at home

In addition to Bluetooth and other features, out-of-range alerts also check how much your phone has moved and whether you’re still within range of Wi-Fi before an alert is triggered. As you move around the house (or office), these changes can sometimes trigger false alerts. If this happens regularly, please contact us at support@inthesk.net and we can take a closer look.

Out of Range Alerts do not work when iK Health or | inthesk | is open

Alerts are muted when the iK Health or | inthesk | application is open on your phone. They will not activate again until the ProtectedTools or | inthesk | app is active in the background.


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