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Persistent inthesk notification

On Android phones running Android 8 or later, the iK Health app will display a persistent notification in the top bar of the home screen.

The notification informs you of the status of the iK Health application and lets you know that the service is running in the background. On some devices, it can also help to prevent the application from being closed by your phone’s battery or memory managers.

We advise keeping all notifications enabled to best ensure the continued functionality of the app on your device.

To disable persistent notifications, follow these steps:
Swipe down from the top of your phone’s screen to see your notifications.
Press and hold the iK Health persistent notification. New options will appear.
Choose “More Settings” or “Details” or tap the settings gear to see the different notification options.
The iK Health app allows you to mute different notifications independently. On the next screen, you will see all the notification options for the iK Health app.
Locate the “Running in background” tab and turn off its switch.
Be sure to leave other notification channels enabled to continue receiving essential notifications.
* On some devices, the different categories or buttons may have a different name, but overall the functionality is the same.


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