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My item is lost, how can I find it?

I have lost my keys/purse/valuables, what happens now?

Contact our support team to help you with your search. When contacting the helpdesk, please be sure to provide them with your inthesk account username. They will then be able to help you immediately. If you prefer to try for yourself first, please follow the steps below:

So that you understand the application: The most important thing is to know when the inthesk was last connected. If it is recent (<24 hours) and you are sure you have not seen your inthesk connected to your valuables after the time of last known location, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the | inthesk | app on the phone;
  2. Go to the detailed view of the inthesk you have lost;
  3. Click on last known location, in which you can also see the history.
  4. Physically go to the last known location;
  5. Walk with the App open and see if it reconnects. After every 5 steps give the app 10-15 seconds to establish Bluetooth connection;
  6. Once found, in view of that device, the left side of the main menu of that device would turn green and beep.
    * If not found, please contact support to check the battery status and other steps to follow.

Always replace the battery immediately to ensure that your items are not lost. The possibility of re-establishing the Bluetooth connection with a low battery inthesk is low.

Depending on the urgency of your loss, we have written some scenarios for what you could do yourself.

  • See if it is in range:
    If it is in range (connected):
    You can now find it based on sound (note that there is a slight time delay).
    If not connected:
    Look at the map in your | inthesk | application and note the date/time and location.
    If the date/time of separation from inthesk seems wrong, go to “Desperate to find” (last step).
    If the date/time is reasonable, then
    Go to the location indicated on the map
    If reconnected, follow the ‘in range’ instructions above.
  • At location, but does not reconnect
    Follow the first Bluetooth reset step in this guide.
  • Share your inthesk with a friend and also make sure their Bluetooth is turned on: They will need to download the app and use their account.
    This helps ensure there is no misconfiguration on your phone.
    Once shared, go with a friend to the last known location to see if their phone picks up the Bluetooth signal.
    Check that the last known location is reasonable. Make a note of the time and date.
    If your Bluetooth is turned off or the operating system suspends the connection (as part of its battery optimisation) or if the battery was reporting low battery alarms, then there is a high risk that the last location is not correct.
    If it is confirmed that the inthesk is not at the last location, it is time to activate the inthesk Community Search.


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