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General Information - Shipping & Returns

My package tracking information has not been updated for a few days, why?

There are a few reasons why the tracking information for your package has not been updated for a while:

1. The package may still be on its way from one facility to another.
This can happen during busy periods (such as public holidays), when there are extreme weather conditions or when any part of the delivery chain is on strike.

Please check if any of these conditions apply to you or contact us at support@inthesk.net and we can check if there is any additional information.

2. Your package is being delayed at customs.
If your tracking information shows that the package has entered your country, but you do not provide any additional information after that, your package could simply be delayed at customs. This is a common occurrence during the holiday season, when there is an increase in packages being shipped.

Please wait up to 48 hours and if no new information appears after that, please contact your country’s customs office or our support team at support@inthesk.net and we will file a query with the delivery courier.

3. Your destination does not have a tracking system.
Some smaller or rural post offices do not have a tracking system or do not enter data on the parcels they handle or receive. If you think this may apply to your parcel, please wait 3-5 days before checking again.

If your package has still not arrived after 7 days, and there is no new tracking information available on it, please contact us at support@inthesk.net and we will file a claim with the delivery courier.

4. Your package has been lost.
If the tracking information for your parcel is incorrect (e.g. shows a destination that is not on its way), or has not been updated in more than 10 days, it is possible that your parcel has been lost.

Please contact us with your order details at support@inthesk.net, and we will open an official investigation with the delivery courier or provide a replacement for your lost parcel if it cannot be recovered.

How long does it take to receive an update on my parcel tracking information?
DHL and other similar courier services usually provide an update on a package’s tracking information within 48 hours.

National post offices can take between 7 and 14 days to provide an update on tracking information, as they have to collect the information from the different sources that handled your package during shipment.


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