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General Information - Shipping & Returns

Why is my tracking link showing an error?

There are several reasons why the tracking link you received in your shipment confirmation email may be in error:

1. The courier service has not yet updated the information.

This can happen in the first few hours after your parcel is collected from our warehouse, so please wait a few hours and check again to see if the information has been updated.

2. There is an error in the order number associated with the tracking link.

Sometimes an error occurs when the order number is added to the tracking link and the numbers do not match. If the tracking information does not display after the first few hours, please contact us at support@inthesk.net and our support team can re-check the tracking information associated with your order.

3. The package is shipped with a different courier service.

We use different courier services to ensure that your order is dispatched as quickly as possible, regardless of where you place your order from. If you are unsure which courier your order is being shipped with, please contact us at support@inthesk.net and we will provide you with the correct tracking link for your order.


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