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How inthesk works

How does inthesk work?

inthesk is a Bluetooth 5.0 enabled device that you can attach to objects that you may misplace. You can use the | inthesk | app for iOS or Android to find it.

The inthesk locations are updated using the Bluetooth connection between the inthesk and the | inthesk | App running on your iOS or Android. The App “discovers” the inthesk using Bluetooth signals and then uses the iOS or Android devices services to update the location information of that inthesk. The inthesk needs to be within Bluetooth range of approximately 295 feet/90 meters of the iOS or Android device to be discovered.

What happens if I lose my object?
This is where the “Community Search” function comes into play. If any inthesk Community member running the | Inthesk | app is in range of an inthesk, their app will send an anonymous update of that inthesk’s location to our system, helping the owner locate that item even if it is not nearby.

As the inthesk Community of users running the app grows, the more effective our community becomes at finding your lost item.


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