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At I inthesk I, we are building a world where everything can be found.

We work fast, collaborate and celebrate as a team. We are united by commitment. We are a creative collective focused on finding a simple solution to the endless search for personal belongings and we believe in the power of what is to come.

The experience of small companies, with the opportunities of large companies.

| inthesk I supports the learning and development, health and wellness, and professional growth of its employees with thoughtful programs and tools. inthesk employees benefit from these "big company" resources while having the big impact that is only possible in small but powerful teams.

I inthesk I solve complex and challenging problems and "do it" every day.
I inthesk I also encourages employees to bring their whole selves to work, which helps users focus on their strengths in a way that drives impact for the company and for individual careers.

Our values

Our values reflect who we are, how we work and the company we aspire to be as we grow into our bright future. Our values guide our decision making and set the bar high for what we expect from our people. We live them every day. They are alive in our culture. They are inthesk.

We believe there is a better and smarter way to find lost objects, a way that requires all of us working together. Our mission is to make it happen and to give every object the power to be found.

"Eye in the sky" = I inthesk I

Our I inthesk I logo is the result of the English acronym "eye in the sky" and is presented with two sidebars that are a sign of the programmed language. Smart on the inside and decisive on the outside, it is the perfect combination to help you easily find your lost things.



| inthesk | is a flat organisation where all ideas are respected and where humility is valued along with skills.


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We are a creative collective focused on finding a simple solution to the endless search for personal belongings. We believe in teamwork and in the develpment of new talents and knowledge in each inthesk member.